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Suggestions for games with local coop?


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So my girlfriend came over today and I've now realized that the only games I have that support local coop/multiplayer are PS2 games on an emulator. I'd like some steam games that I can download and let her use a controller while I use the mouse and keyboard. Any suggestions?

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Doesn't Nuclear Throne have a co-op mode? Or is that just online? Either that or Risk of Rain is pretty good.

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Driver: San Francisco has great local co-op

since I do a lot of local co-op, here are other games I've enjoyed (some might be on PS2, but they're great anyways)

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Rayman Legends

Hidden in Plain Sight - fantastic Indie game, cheap as well

Portal 2

Borderlands 2

Lego Star Wars

pretty much every sports game


of those Driver and Hidden in Plain Sight are probably the best as well as being cheap

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Battleblock Theater and Rayman Legends. Rayman took me and my gf like 20 hours to beat.

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