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[Guide] How suggestions work and how to take input from others

=TNW= Maximus™

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This suggestions was made to help new suggesters (and experienced) to learn how suggestions work and how to take input from others on suggestions! I've seen tons of people who have questions about suggestions and people not taking valid input from others (which isn't helpful for anyone!)




Part 1. Crafting your suggestion


I'm not going to go into this section too much, because its a guide in it of itself and there are already some really good guides out there. I'll link them below:


Unusual Suggestions

Non-Unusual Suggestions


Part 2. The waiting period


This part is when you get to defend (gently) your suggestions and take input! People from the community can also provide you with extra sales that support or counter your suggestion. When people counter your suggestion, do not get annoyed. Your should thank them and re-suggest. Countless of times, I've seen people who are provided with counter-proof and the person doesn't do anything and refuses to believe that their suggestion is wrong/could ever be countered. 


Sometimes people make mistakes. This is a common fact and won't go away any time soon. When you DO make a mistake in a suggestion (such as miscounting the amount of keys in a trade or forgetting a b/o), listen to others. A lot of people are experienced in this community, but can't help you unless you listen to them.


Part 3. How unusuals get accepted


This part is pretty simple and your don't have to do anything as the suggester. Basically, when the suggester creates a suggestion, the people of the community have a choice to either "upvote" or "downvote" the suggestion. The more upvotes you have, the higher chance you have of getting the suggestion accepted. The more downvotes you have, the higher chance that your suggestion will not be accepted. However, the actual accepting of the suggestion is done be pricing moderators. Even if the community disagrees with the suggestion, the pricing moderator can still accept the suggestion. 



I hope this suggestion wasn't total trash and will help people out! If you ever have any questions about suggestions, feel free to add me on steam and ask!

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