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Hey Guys, I was wondering what you guys thought of my cosmetics and loadouts,  im open to suggestions to what you think i should change in my gear. 
Files were too big for here.
Thanks for having a look ^-^

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i think the only ones that fit well are soldier and medic

Yeah im planning to add a white paint to the beard on the medic.  :P

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Demo, Engie, Heavy, and Pyro are alright.

Medic, Sniper, and Scout are meh.

Spy and Soldier are terrible.


Overall, way too much white paint (and background).

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All the whiteness is giving me a headache. As for the loadouts:


Demoman: Pretty much just a loadout of really overused cosmetics.

Engineer: I like it other than it looks like there's some Cute Suit/Exo clipping.

Heavy: I actually like this one a good bit, nice.

Medic: I don't think these cosmetics blend well personally. Try something other than the Tyrolean.

Pyro: This works, but I think the Pyromancer's is overused to hell. It also doesn't let the Cute Suit really shine.

Scout: The Macho Mann is kind of out of place.

Spy: Please just entirely rework this. 

Sniper: I mean, it works, but the Anger is so very, very overused. It's essentially renowned as the edgy Sniper hat at this point.

Soldier: The coat is totally out of place.

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