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Me and my mate sometimes play chivalry together.


It is extremely hard and you barley get kills but at the same time it is soo hilarious and there are so many funny times.


The other day, me and my friend were holding back the castle from the enemy who were trying the infiltrate, there was one archer on our team standing on the edge of the roof trying to snipe people down with his crossbow and not doing to well.

I walked up behind him and spartan kicked him off the roof down onto the doorbridge that the enemy were all on, trying to break down the barricaded door. He broke his knees and died when he landed, then the enemies proceeded to chop his dead body to pieces. Me and my friend could not stop laughing for a long time, at the time it seemed like the funniest thing ever.


Everyone feel free to share funny things that have happened to you in this game.


Also wondering if anyone knows any other games sort of like this.




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