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This issue is late as all fuck, but hey.


Basically, a few years ago, the union jack was removed from the Belfast city hall which erupted in riots and movements throughout the country. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person from good ol' norn iron on the forums, so I'm interested in hearing what you think of it.


It's disgusting how few rights police officers here have, no matter what the conflict police officers always seem to be the target over here.

If there's one thing both sides unite about, it's causing pain to those who want to protect.


Do you think they were right in removing it?


Do you think they made the right choice?


What are your thoughts on the resulting consequences?


This guy sums it up pretty well



I would also like to add that those who chose to turn the protests into riots are downright scum. Attacking police officers who here, have practically no rights to even touch them. Here's a video of one of the riots.


Contains some content which some of you may find disturbing.




Some more


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If the public wanted the police's attention, they should have just flegged them down.

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