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How to profit with SCM?

Senpai Absol~

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This is including csgo or tf2 items

Now I know some people don't have phones and cant just wait 3 days to trade, what are some way's people can profit just using SCM?

Something more short term, so not investing though that is a good idea as well.

I don't know any way's to profit on scm besides investing.

Also when I say using just scm

I mean JUST scm, no trading involved

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buy scm quicksales

sell for good deal

That's like damn saying "How to make money? Get a job"


Well I might as well make myself 500% more useful than most think

If you have over 50$ I'd lurk for cheap knifes for sale, occasionally you will get one

I myself managed to snipe a gut doppler fake black pearl for 75$, not even counting the pearl thing and now it's 90 and rising (10$ profit if I would flip on scm again)

Hopefully you find this more useful than "buy scm quicksales sell for good deal"

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A recent example would be the invasion update.  The passes were 2 bucks and gave you crate drops.  Initially, the crates were selling for several times greater than the cost of the passes, so you'd make profit on the first crate drop.  This is probably going to be a reliable thing in future updates.  It seems to me that valve has setlled in on that particular model of updates, but profiting from it requires good timing and will probably become a less profitable thing the more people catch on.


In general, something to keep in mind is that items are typically at their highest when they are first introduced.  So if you can get your hands on them, sell early before the prices drop.  This makes unboxing immediately following an update a potentially very profitable thing.  This also was true before the community market was ever introduced.

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Figure out what things are worth.

Buy them for cheaper than that.

Sell in game or back on SCM.


If you're looking for us to advise you specifically what items, pay us. ;)

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I'd say maybe like what you said not too long ago, lurk on some higher value items and buy things people are selling for hella cheap, or make some sort of thread telling everyone that you'd buy unusuals, Collector's, etc. for cheap. Other than that, have you heard of the Desktop Authenticator?

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