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SFM Posters

Kawaii-Chan (♡ヮ♡)

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Hey! I just started out with making SFM posters, and I need some loadouts to make posters of!

I won't charge anything, although donations are always welcome  :)

If you want me to make a poster of your for free, please add me on steam and tell me your desired loadout and class! I really want to get started with personal posters. Thanks a lot!~

Some of my work:





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How'd you like to do this one?


Festive Nade Launcher

Disco Beat Down Scotch Bonnet

Juggernaut Jacket (Balaclavas)

Bruiser's Bandanna (Balaclavas)

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I'd like to see one with my Solider load-out:

Hat With No Name (Blizzardy Storm)
Antarctic Parka
Mistaken Movember

With me holding my Australium Black Box :lol:?





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