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What did you buy during the sale?


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Obligatory question that I love to ask

What did you buy during the sale and are you enjoying it?

I bought ratz instagib 2.0. It's really fun but its so easy to get salty.

That's all I bought (I'm waiting for Christmas) (@weedbeaverman)

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Fallout 3 goty

Good decision my friend, you will not regret the best fucking game ever


I just bought a bunch of terra incognitas as a joke for my friends

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Fallout NV GOTY

I already had the base game but wanted to play the dlc.

Completed Dead Money and really enjoyed it, hear the other dlc is better as well. 

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Purchased: Dec 1, 2015 @ 12:15am
Psychonauts - 24 pуб.
Vegas - Make It Big - 9 pуб.
Unreal Tournament 2004 - 84 pуб.
Tidalis - 21 pуб.
Patrician III - 19 pуб.
A.R.E.S. - 12 pуб.
Who's that Flying - 19 pуб.
SpaceChem - 24 pуб.
Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack - 10 pуб.
Serious Sam Double D - 24 pуб.
Gundemonium Bundle - 99 pуб.
Costume Quest - 24 pуб.
Serious Sam 2 - 14 pуб.
Stacking - 24 pуб.
ORION: Prelude - 14 pуб.
Dead Pixels - 14 pуб.
DLC Quest - 26 pуб.
Xenonauts - 224 pуб.
Rogue Legacy - 52 pуб.
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - 52 pуб.
Anomaly Korea - 9 pуб.
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages - 24 pуб.
The Stanley Parable - 59 pуб.
Saturday Morning RPG - 23 pуб.
The Banner Saga - 104 pуб.
Blood Rayne Betrayal - 24 pуб.
Legend of Korra - 174 pуб.
Transistor - 104 pуб.
Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition - 125 pуб.
Alien: Isolation - 249 pуб.
The Evil Within - 149 pуб.
This War of Mine - 142 pуб.
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - 209 pуб.
Love at First Sight - 124 pуб.
BioShock Triple Pack - 149 pуб.
Titan Souls - 87 pуб.
Armello - 314 pуб.

Subtotal 11873 pуб. Discount 9015 pуб. (75%) Total 2858 pуб.

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Absolutely... nothing xD

Maybe during winter sales I would get Don't Starve Together Bundle to play with my brother, or leave alone Steam and gift Minecraft to my mother, she's liking it more and more, and we currently play in LAN, my brother included (a weird trio I say xD the cold expert, the total noob but fast learner, and the crazy hyperactive guy).

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