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Low Level Account with High-value Unusuals (Gambling)

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Was added by a low-level account with very few hours, but which had multiple high-value Unusuals. Typical characteristics of a scammer alt. However, there is a catch. Claims he won the Unusuals through lotto and has picture proof to show it. Claims this is his "gambling account" and there is no need to be suspicious. Would be helpful to have a second opinion on whether it is safe to trade with this user.


His Steamrep is clean: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CookiePussySlayer/

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Ask him to link his main account, and add that one. 






His unusuals all have a clean history. 2/3 unusuals come from the same person (presumably his main) 


Just my speculations..


Those Unusuals were won through lotto, so you cannot assume the last owner was the main since winning is a chance event. Wolfilicious has informed me that the main account is not marked on Steamrep either.


all those were slowly lost by shmevin.


Would appreciate further explanation on this point.

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