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CSGO Team Tag Contest

Captain Caboose

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Only people with 150 posts can enter here.


Exactly like the [GIRL] tag contest (keeping the tag for the longest amount of time, survival of the fittest) but now all you have to do is put your favorite comp CSGO team in your name, like how I have mine.


Having it at the end like, Captain Caboose #EnVyUs or Captain Caboose #VirtusPro seems more likeable than [EnVyUs] Captain Caboose, right?


Winner gets bragging rights and a (resonably priced, 25-30 USD) skin of their choice with one Katowice 14 Sticker of the team they had in their name and the other 3 stickers can be from other ESLs of that team. If your team doesn't have Katowice 2014 sticcker, you may choose a different team sticker or standard design sticker.


Contest starts December 2 2015 4 pm CST, 10 pm GMT, 2 pm PST. Makes sure to put your tag on before this time so you don't forget!



If you would like to participate, post here and I or someone who is an admin in the group will invite you. this way no unneeded people are taking up space and also so we can track if anyone is disqualified. Joining the group is important, if you're not in the group but posted here, msg Oddball or myself.


There will be a log on the group page of everyone who has dropped out.


Hopefully this can go until June, July 2016 since that is when I can buy all this ofcourse. :333

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