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I need some help with bp.tf automatic

Cucumber Sucker

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Please tell me if I can actually use bp.tf Automatic trading on mac, beacuse it says that it is or all systems but i don't know where I can enter my steam name, password and etc.


Thx a lot (even if no one replies)

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Yes, you can use it on Mac, but I am not familiar with how to set it up on Mac. There are instructions here under "How do I get setup?" 



If you still are having trouble ask here, it may be worth looking back in the posts, I am sure this question has been answered already.


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I have used those instructions and everything is good except when it gets to the part


"Windows users:

  • Double-click automatic.bat.
    • If you get an error and you've completed everything above, please try to restart your computer. Sometimes a reboot is necessary for node to function properly on certain systems."

And carries on without any instructions for mac users (I have tried opening automatic.bat in terminal and it doesn't work)... Also I read the forum thread and didn't find anything... :(


Anyways thanks for trying to help man, really appreciate it!!!

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