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Looking to buy a Gaming keyboard and mouse.


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Decided to come here if anybody has some advice.


Going to take advantage of sales and hopefully i can get my hands on a new gaming keyboard and mouse.


Budget: ~$100 (I spend too much or too little :x)


I currently use the standard Alienware keyboard and mouse you get for free :P


I'll consider any keyboard and mouse as long as i can fetch it for a good deal.


Thanks for the help!


Edit*: I'm looking into competitive TF2 and maybe a little bit of CSGO. (Id prefer a keyboard thats better suited for TF2)


Edit**: decided on what keyboard and mouse to get. Thanks for the suggestions everyone made!


How can i lock this? 

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It depends on what games you play but for games like TF2, Razer Deathadder 2013 / Chroma is one I would recommend.


For keyboard, just go with what you feel is comfortable. There are many keyboards with shitty / awkward key placements. I tried Razer and Armageddon and could not get used to their keyboards. 


This is the keyboard that I use. Got it for $10. Logitech K120. 



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The Corsair k70 (mine is a discontinued blue one) is a bit over your budget, but is really nice. It has a volume wheel, media control, customizable LED (rainbow, if you have even more to spend), and a wristwrest that sort of works ok-ish


The Corsair M65 mouse (not the "corsair gaming" one. fuck the trampstamp) works really well for fps like... well... tf2


And as stated above, you can spend literally ten dollars for a Logitech k120. I used it for months and it does everything a keyboard should do really well

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