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What scout/all class unusual should i buy with 30 keys?

► WƉM ◄  Kevin

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If I were you , I'd go for a dbd baker boy without having a second thought  . It's like the holy grail of cheap , but god damn fine looking unusuals . I sold one for 29 keys and sweets ( which is pretty much the bp.tf price ) and it took me like just 2 - 3 hours. I'd also go for a low tier tossle . Probably Smoking / Steaming / Orbiting Fire or basically any effect between 20 - 30 keys . Before getting my burning tossle , I had a smoking one and I really loved it ! A low tier tier Bonk Boy is also a good option imo. If you want an all class , I'd suggest getting a Bomber . They are usually cheap but look great . 

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