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How does borderlands Handsome Collection for XBone split-screen co-op work?


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Im buying it later today, and am wondering how it works.

Can a friend just come over, sync a controller , and  we are both in?

Or do they needa log in with an account or have the game

Or is it online multiplayer only?

I did my research on this, but there is no definite answer for me yet. 


Do they also just create a singe-time character for the occasion?


If you can help with this, thanks a lot!



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I'm not sure if guest accounts on Xbone save game data like that.


I haven't played it on the Xbone, but when my friend and I played local co-op for borderlands on the 360, I just had him make an account to leave on my xbox.

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There is offline coop with splitscreen 

So if you dont intend on playing online then just make an account for him


I dont think you can sign in with a guest account and have it copy your level

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