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Start small, move onto bigger things


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When a new suggester comes along, they sometimes mess around with the higher value items, unusuals, buds, metal ect.

While some get their suggestions passed, many others fail on the higher value items and unusuals.


So I propose a suggester sort of limitation which would go like this


0 - 4     low value items ( 1 scrap - 1 key. just to get the taste of suggestions without to much of a effect on items they are not experienced with)

5 - 9     medium value items ( 1 scrap - 10 keys, refined metal can also be suggested now, now they are getting the taste of the good stuff)

10 - 14 higher value items ( 1 scrap to 1 bud, low end unusuals and bud suggestions are allowed here. this is the fun part)

15+      everything access all areas in the suggestion world, good job soldier, you've earned it 





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Theres an inherent problem with this, lets assume i've never made a suggestion. Why should i not be allowed to suggest on something that i'm very familiar with (i.e. unusuals)? I wouldn't even want to suggest for normal items as there just a pain to gather proof for. 


TL;DR thats why the backpack value limit is in place. If you have experience with an item you should be able to suggest for it, no matter how many suggestions you've done. 

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At first I thought the title was some kind of sexual innuendo...


First suggestion: 15-17 keys

Then I went and got the hang of unusuals.
This is one of the lesser thought through suggestions I've seen.

Putting restrictions like that is unneeded.


I agree, I got the hang of unusual suggestions after my first 4 or 5 suggestions on higher value items, I don't really think it's a good idea to keep people with lower value items from suggesting on other things when they can. Sure, that'd increase the amount of troll and inaccurate suggestions, but there's always mods who can take care of those. They may not be perfect or have all of the time available to devote themselves to the site, but they're always doing their best.

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Unusual suggestions are the easiest to do imo and usually new suggestors update an unusual they have had. We need as many suggestors as we can get, and unusual suggestions need the most work

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I would probably say just restrict currency suggestions to people have have actually done suggestions before?


Some people have experience with their own unusuals and should be allowed to suggest, currency suggestions are quite different and ive lost count on the amount of people who just list out a bunch of links from trade.tf

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