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Describe the person above you - Pokemon Edition


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ǍгᴋᴀɴД ₭ɪлʛ

>Still waiting for Puddingkip to participate


Well I'm just going to pretend he was the last to comment, deal with it.


Tangrowth, with actual reasoning behind it!


In the confession thread, I remember briefly about Puddingkip being bad at shaving hence the tangled facial hair that Tangrowth has

Can't remember which thread it was but one thread in the Politics, Religion, Science subform had Puddingkip describing himself to be tall & broad which Tangrowth also has


& to top it off, Tangrowth can learn Rage Powder. A move for redirecting attention which is symbolism for Puddingkip "coping hate" just for being an admin & doing his duties but that is not to say people on the forum hate him, I get the impression he feels like that. The amount of Notice Me Senpai to Puddingkip is just coincidental for this part.


Pls no bannu, Pudding♥

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