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Video Game OSTs


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A topic to list any video game soundtrack and telling us why it's so good.


Here's mine.


- Damn I get chills when I hear this. Damn perfect study music, and awesome to play on my piano.





- NOSTALGIA. I can remember the entire game from this song alone.
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The entire Killing Floor soundtrack! Zynthetic did an AMAZING job and there's nothing better than mindlessly killing off specimen after specimen with metal/rock music playing in the background! 

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Every single Halo game. Regardless of what you think about the series (console pleb, same game each release, etc.), Martin O'Donnell has consistently created a spectacular soundtrack for the games. Niel Davidge did a good job on Halo 4, "Belly of the Beast" and "Revival," (

) although different in style and spirit than the predecessors, are pretty damn good in their own right.


And Hans Zimmer actually did a pretty good job on CoD MW2:

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This track may not sound too special to anyone who hasn't played Mother 3, but to those who have,

it alone is enough to make you feel the emotions of that ending all over again.



If we're looking at an entire soundtrack, Risk of Rain is pretty awesome.


Nostalgia-wise, it has to be Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum for me.

I swear I played those games so much the music has to be etched into my mind.

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