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Rainford's Music Thread


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By the time I'm finished with these MIDIs I'll have filled up the entire first page of the sub-forum, so here's a thread specifically for me to share my creations.

This thread will be regularly updated with when I upload more.


All remixes are using the same soundfont (HG/SS)

Leave feedback below.


Masked Dedede

Abandoned Ship

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New songs:

Abandoned Ship

I made all of these very late at night (~2am) so as a result I don't think they're up to the standard of some of my other pieces.
Main post also updated
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Can you do buried relic? Any way you want it, I just want to hear it in a new theme. 


I've heard every buried relic remix ever made, even the ones with like 3 views.




Original video


I attempted to try to find a MIDI file for this for me to start with, but there's only 1 on the web, and it's extremely bad. Therefore I can't edit it :L sorry


For future reference make sure that anything you want me to make is available from this website: http://www.vgmusic.com/

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