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What did you buy for steam summer sale?


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I bought:





battleblock theather


bully: scholarshit edition

castle crashers

chivalry: medieval warfare

cook, serve, delicious


dont starve

dont starve DLC


eurotruck simulator 2 with going east DLC

goat simulator

gunboy turnament

guns of icarus online

hero siege

how to survive

just cause 2

king's bounty: warriors of north

knights and mechants


orbital gear


planets under attack

plants vs zombies game of year


postal 2

prison architect

revolution ace

rock of ages

scribblenauts unlimited

the ship

super hexagon

survivor squad

system shock


trackmania canyon

trackmania valley

trackmania stadium

trackmania united

why so evil

worms reloaded

yet another zombie defence

zombie driver HD



What about you guys? :-) :D

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Grand theft auto san andreas, 3 and vice city

Fallout 1 & 2

Counter Strike: Source (Day of defeat included cus broke'd steam prices)


Still cost a bit, surprisingly.



















also gifted bad rats to my best friend

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fault milestone one

Abyss Odyssey - Two Pack

If My Heart Had Wings - Deluxe Edition - Game and Soundtrack Bundle


I didn't spend much this sale. 

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Dark Souls 2

Rayman Origins

Payday 2

Anti Chamber

Hitman Franchise

Valkyria Chronicles

Alien Isolation

System Shock 2

Deus Ex

Super Meat Boy

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Valiant Hearts

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Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition

Block N Load + Skins Pack

Project Zomboid

Door Kickers

One Finger Death Punch

Worms Revolution Gold

Don't Starve + Reign of Giants

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I got:

DreadOut (don't know where to go)

Dust: An Elysian Tail  (worth all my money)

Guns of Icarus Online (ok)

Skullgirls (need a controller now)

Despair (not worth the 9 cents)

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Just Rogue Legacy. I'm at that point in life where I have to keep my spending to a minimum for more important things. So far so good.

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Hero Siege


Town of Salem

Civilization: Beyond Earth


Valkyria Chronicles


and from the SCM:

G. Fetti Bucket Helm

G. Fetti. Bootleg Base Metal Billycock

G. Fetti L'homme Burglarre

G. Fetti Professors Peculiarity

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I bought nothing for the steam summer sale

I bought CS:Go for a friend FROM the summer sale


for =/= from


sorry for being a grammar nazi

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