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Finding best positive music


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I've got plenty for you, fam.


Save Rock And Roll - Fall Out Boy

On Top Of the World - Imagine Dragons

See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa

Favorite Record - Fall Out Boy

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*inb4 obligatory death metal*




This is what makes me (personally) feel better about myself and feel better about this garbage world we've inhabited


Rose Funeral - God Demise

Fuck Everything - Suicide Silence 

Earthshaker I - Ovid's Withering 

Godless Times - Rings of Saturn

Deathstar - OG


Oh, you thought I was kidding about the death metal? Nah. I got a whole playlist to name off if you want more c:


No Pity For A Coward - Suicide Silence <-- This one's a little bit cringey, I advise you to not look it up unless you want to hear how you're a coward for not shooting yourself in the head. When I'm pissed at someone I listen to it because instead of me putting the gun to my head, it's them. BECAUSE I'M A NICE AND THOUGHTFUL PERSON :D

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