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How to bust any clean trader

d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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So, since regardless of what you say or get items from you need to research and take the responsibility for your actions if you are trading with a scammer or scammer alt.


How hard is to find any legit high-tier/known trader who is lazy and use automatic trade system? (I.e Brad Pitt is currently using it).


1) Enjoy your tasty scammer marked user.

2) Create an alt and wait 7days thingy so the account can trade.

3) Send the keys/buds to your alt.

4) Find a user who sell anything above a Bill's Hat (which is illegal according to outpost & SR) to buy/sell to a marked user.

5) Use your transferred keys/buds to purchase the item(s).

6) Simply put a very obv name to prove you're a scammer alt. I.e "scammer name alt" - "Hello I'm a scammer alt" or w/e. Take screenshots of your inventory history and post them in your profile desciption and simply prove no other items was made in the trade to show it's an alt transaction.

7) Take item ID from the keys/buds to prove it's those keys/buds. Post all of this in your steam profile.

8) Trade

9) Enjoy reporting the clean user for showing your a very fucking obv scammer alt



I was busted for this -- so just making it public because, whatever.

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I don't use any auto trade things,  because I don't see a point in it

now I have a new reason not to use it

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