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Fake Rep?


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Alright, so being me I decided to poke around on here and soon found a user, which is Chell. http://backpack.tf/u/76561198095070682


Being curious I check his/her rep cause of their caution tag on here.


I found three users who claimed to have sold Chell items over PayPal which range from 2 keys to a bud (15 keys at the time). Those users are the ones with no rep. Those three users also had their accounts created within a 3-month timespan and have only near 100 hours each and have never have had more than a 4 dollar bp in the cases of two accs.


All accounts look like the creator used an achievement manager to gain items from poker night and other games as they only own 1 - 3 games.


I really don't know where else to put this and I'm new to the forum so yea. hopefully a mod can look into this.

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As I said, new to this kinda stuff. No clue what to do or where to report. :<

The yellow flag in the top right corner of the trust rating.

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