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Suggesting Items That Might Need a Price Update.


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Really dunno if anybody's willing to do this, but if you're bored and wanna make a few suggestions I'm kinda looking around at random and finding items/weapons/etc. that need a major price update. I suck at making suggestions and just feel I can't get the hang of it. So if anybody's willing to, please tell me.

I assume the way this will run is that I suggest the item, give a link to its classifieds page, etc. Someone takes it up and sends me a link to the suggestion, I cross it off the list if it gets accepted.



- Strange Boston Boombringer (Priced at 9-9.33 ref, classifieds run from 13 - 18 without parts or rename/redesc.)

- Snow Scope (Simple range, I guess. Runs 7-8. none in the classifieds for over 7.33)

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