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Dragonage: Inquisition

Mike Hawk

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tl;dr I bought inquisition a while ago, and I'm really unimpressed. 


So the games been out a while, and I was wondering what people thought of the game. 

I own it on sexbox 360, and I played it for about 3 days after getting it, and haven't touched it since. (Kinda a waste of $70 since I bought the legendary edition) 


Honestly, it's just kind of boring. I absolutely loved Origins, and this game had a TON of hype to it. Bioware added a bunch of huge maps to free roam but they feel to big/confusing to get around and there aren't many things to do. Also adding the ability to jump was a neat idea on paper, but is overall gimmicky and most of the terrain I have to traverse feels to hard to do with the jumping, or feels like I shouldn't even be able to get through it.  


The combat system is not as good as Origins either I feel. Enemies take forever to kill which doesn't necessarily make the game hard, but tedious. A lesser demon things comes up and I have to spend way longer then I should fighting it with no micro managing of skills, but more just leaving my auto attack on.


Speaking of combat, from what I've played the game spikes in difficulty ridiculously. I remember one of the rifts (spawns waves of enemies) I found in the first area of the game spawned a ridiculous amount of OP monsters that instakilled my party. I ended up bringing some buffalo from another objective to the rift just to manage to kill it. Another example is this spider cave towards the beginning of the game. The spiders instakilled my whole party, and I had to spam the cave with my mage while everyone else was dead in order to get through it. 


Another thing is the graphics. Because I bought this on xbox 360, the graphics are HORRIBLE. I'm not the kind of gamer who wants super realistic graphics and such (Hell tf2 is my favorite game) but the graphics are juts god awful since it's on an older console. Even Origins and DA:2 look better. For example, I gave my male character a beard and in most cutscenes, THE BEARD IS VISIBLY FLOATING OFF OF HIS FACE. 




Also the game suffers some pretty bad clipping issues. But I can't find any good google searches. 


I know the game was built for next gen consoles, but seriously? Origins came out in 2009 and looks better on the 360. Everything in inquisition ends up looking kind of dull. I was really disappointed, but maybe I just overhyped the game.



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I loved Inquisition myself, but I played it on the One. It makes little sense to play current gen games on previous gen consoles as the developers had to cut so much to make the game even functional.


In any case, it sounds like you've got the standard Hinterlands problem. The solution is to leave the area as soon as possible. The Hinterlands is meant to be an area to learn the basics of the game, but because there's so much to do and the area is so big, players tend to wallow in the area and get bored. Practically everyone reports much more enjoyment when they leave for the Fallow Mire or the Wounded Coast.


As for combat taking forever, the key is using your abilities in combos. When you synergize abilities and spells, both yours and your allies, enemies go down fast. If you're just wailing on them, of course it will take forever.

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