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Unusual Combo that are not Overused

A n d y

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Give your best Unusual combos that are not overused


Purple Confetti + Disco Beat Down

Morning Glory + Stormy Storm

Darkblaze + Hellfire + Demonflame (could be over used)

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Spellbound and Eerie Orbiting Fire look pretty great.


Cauldron Bubbles and Haunted Ghosts also go well together.


Pretty much most unusual combos that stack similar or the same colors look well.

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3 nuts and bolts

3 flies

planets + morning glory

ghosts + GE + harvest

cloudy + harvest + secret

cream + gravy

amarathine + stare from beyond + the ooze

orbiting fire + eerie orbiting fire + flaming lantern

scorching + burning + sunbeams

frostbite + beams (= frostbeams)

3 logo

3 peace

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All listed below are possible.

Holy Grail + Sunbeams + Death at Dusk + Morning Glory
Fountain of Delight + Cloud 9 + Circling Heart
Skill Gotten Gains + Dead Presidents
Stormy Storm + Midnight Whirlwind or Mega Strike

'72 + Disco Beat Down

Purple Confetti + Green Confetti + Showstopper

Molten Mallard + Flaming Lantern + Screaming Tiger

Power Surge + Electrostatic + Kill-a-Watt + Mega Strike

Lastly, Smoking + Steaming + Silver Cyclone

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lol ? since when you can say "overused" to a combo worth atleast 10 buds ?

We're not going by value here tho. P fetti and G fetti are overused and don't hit over 10 buds combined depending on the hat.

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I only have 1 combo so far, Disco Beat Down Pencil Pusher with Dead Pres Buckaroos Hat. Looks cool to me at least.


"The Playa Engineer"


The Engineer's been visiting the strip club.

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