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WoW Patch 6.1


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The patch was... dismal, yes. I don't know if anybody else has seen it yet, but the ungodly amount of people crying and whining saying Blizzard ripped them off is cancer enducing. Anybody who plays WoW want to give their thoughts on the patch?

Personally, yes, it was possibly the second worse patch in the game (2.2.0 anyone?), but as someone who really doesn't care about hardcore elements and who mainly RPs, it's frustrating hearing people complain about its lack of content. Because in the end - 

We're all still playing the game. 

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I would like to weigh in but what happened?



What happened, in two words please. Stopped playing after 6.0.3.


There was very little content. The most content that came from it was an increased difficulty Blackrock Foundry, some garrison shit, a new model for the Blood Elf race, and the S.E.L.F.I.E. Cam toy. They also added twitter feeds in-game which seemed to piss people off because the default post is a screencap, a description of what you achieved, and #WoD & #WorldOfWarcraft.Those two fucking tags made everyone go ballistic claiming it was Blizzard "Self advertising." IMO it's not self advertising, since I would most likely put a #WoW or something in my posts (If I had twitter) and many people do.

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