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Trade history as main proof - is that ok?


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Some of you still remeber me and some are not. I were suggesting a lot of suggestions in this site in the past and stopped because It became boring to me.

However, I still make suggestions but very, very rarely and only when I feel I need to do so.


I remember that there was a rule that according to this rule, you can't raise the price of something if you use screenshots from your trade history as your main proof.

1. Is this rule is still valid today?

2. If the item is extremely rare, and getting proof is hard then this rule is still applied to the suggestion?


I'm asking this because I want to raise the v. pyrovision value from 0.11 ref to 0.11-0.33 ref as I'm selling them for 0.33 ref very easily (3 in the past 24 hours), and it's hard to get proofs.

Try to buy a v. pyrovision for yourself for 1 scrap, and then you'll eventually understand why I belive the price should go up.

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For such a common item, no, your trades cannot be the only proof. Proof from a single seller raising the price is only done when there are very few sellers

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