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Grand Chase closing all servers in April

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Way way back in like 2006 or so, I first got into gaming on computers with Grand Chase. It was a side scrolling RPG game that had been on its, like, 2nd or third season. It was actually fun and challenging, attracting many players and even going on to open servers worldwide. 


However, in recent months, the game has been unable to keep up and is now closing its doors after having actually switched companies many times. 


For me, this was always the beginning. I mean, this game was just so fun and hard that it kept me attracted for hours. Now, after 8 years, they are finally closing it. I just wanted to reach out to anyone out there who played it or still plays it and tell me about some of the fun times you had. 


For me, it was the really cool character customization and the different classes you could play. My original favorite was Lass, a thief/assassin. Later on, I moved to Jin, the fighter, Rufus the gunslinger, and Mari, a badass chick who could shoot lazerbeams. I was totally in love with it. I loved the story, the level designs that were vibrant, and the pvp. I even got to rank 54 in NA! That was the first time I'd ever done competative stuff. I can remember staying up late with my friend grinding missions because the loot that you needed rarely fell and you would get so mad, but it was fun. 


Really sad to see it all go. I thank all the people who have tried to keep it alive for their work. It was awesome till the end.



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Damn, I remember when I first played Grand Chase, I started off with Armie, then I started to play Seigheart more, then I got a very badass Dio.

It is kinda sad that they are closing it down, but then again, I stopped playing a couple years ago.

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