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What would go good with the Hound Dog + Siberian Sophisticate?


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Hey everyone.

In my heavy set, I have a Burning Flames Hound Dog + an Aged Moustache Grey painted Siberian Sophisticate.

I'm wondering what would go good with the two.


Cosmetics I've tried and disliked-

-Unshaved Bear

-Champ Stamp


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Cuban bristle crisis works almost seamlessly with the hound dog.

I was considering it, I don't know how well it would match the Siberian Sophisticate.

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Some of the pants cosmetics would work like Gone Commando or Mann of the house if not try the Borscht Belt or Heavy Weight Champ. My heavy set which looks pretty good is the Minnesota Slick (Painted Brown), Security Shades (Gonna be replaced with Graybanns soon), and Apparatchiks apparel.

Edit: The Samson Skewer would work on yours

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