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O Hai Dere


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Hello again.


It's me, your friendly neighborhood Python

Back to make sadistic and sarcastic comments full of flame and hate

If you haven't already seen me make some comments in the Poltics etc. section, here I am

Gonna be hard to meet new people, and recognize old one with all the avatar changes


So anyway, I'm trying to say I'll be more active on the forums, mainly the Gen. Discussion and make politically incorrect statements

Iffy on the price suggestions part, but most likely not, considering I have admin things to do (which is why I left in the first place)


Some changes:


Took 'Procrastinator' out of my name in Steam

Got to level 20 Steam level

Haven't been trading much. Just a bit through PayPal

Spending most of my time over at the forums and servers I admin, but if you have anything you wanna do, hit me up


I'd post the Hillary Clinton "I'm back!" but I think it's too soon.





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After you told skype.tf d0 was an asshole last night, I doubt your reception will be exceptional, Python.

Perhaps not to him. 

If you'd like to know what really happened, message me on Steam.

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Won't be moved to the GB because this isn't a GB topic

It's an introduction (or rather, re-introduction) to the forums

Not spam, abuse, shit-laced, racist or cock-wacking

If you don't care about the thread, don't spam useless posts. There's a GB for that

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Probably going to begin pricing again soon, and go back to my previous servers (Disc-FF)

I was demoted and banned from the servers I admined by an immature higher-up

If i can get my rank back, which is unlikely, I will be back for sure

If on the other hand I do get accepted back, I may turn it down

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