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Need a Config that Gives High FPS, but Also Decent Graphics


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Hey everyone,

          I am looking for a good configuration (autoexec.cfg) that will make my game have consistently good FPS, but does not make the graphics look like absolute shit. My game usually runs okay except the main problem is that my fps can be very high and then  it fluctuates like a son of a bitch. It can drop from like 60 to nothing just randomly. I just am looking for a config that will maintain a certain amount of decency when it comes to graphics, but also boosts and stabilizes my fps.


Thanks so much to anyone who answers!


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Hello, I know the post is a bit old, but anyways. You can find a very good fps config with decent graphics at dannnnykkl-projects.tk. The TF2 config it's the only project now. I recommend you to go and get the version without auto-connect of the config. Anyways, get it from here. If the site is down, just wait a few hours.

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