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Just putting this out here (cranwell)


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DiamondHavoc: who cares what time he has done? It's been admitted and he's repenting. Everyone in backpack.tf and outpost wants him back. One of the highest profile traders in the whole of TF2. Thousands of buds worth of backpack. A suggester and helper and quickseller helping the new guys. Does this really just get brushed away over dealing with some fairly dormant account? A deal is a deal. SCM is free give. One guy, hard to find, private profile, hard to find the SR. Cranwell has done nothing wrong but a tiny weeny mistake everyone is against. Rules are for the good of the community? So is our good friend cranwell, and shall continue to be if he is unbanned. He doesn't care if he gets a week or two or a month. A whole great career is gone for ONE mistake. Trading sites for the good of the community? So is cranwell I say again. Think on this. Also can you say what I just said to the other mods


This is what I messaged to the OP mod, Zemnmez. Cranwell is great and for him to be back would be great. Just one mistake was not that bad.


And I'm not trying to say I'm angry with the mods and admins, you abide with the rules. I am putting this here to say I care.

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