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I have recently gotten into making "posters" or whatever in gmod, you know the ones where people link to on there tf2outpost trades to try to sell there cancer unusuals?

Well, I'm trying to get into making them.

Im not going to charge you a rec or some bullshit, I just want to get better at these.

Just tell me what you want (please be specific) and I will do my best to do it.


Somethings I won't do include any fem versions, anything with more than 3 people, and nothing to crazy, I'm new at this please keep it real.


Here's something I just threw together



Im open to criticism, so please leave it.

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The reason I quit gmod poster making is because anyone can make one in 2 minutes with the Easy Animation Tool


Nevermind found it, that does make it much more easier.

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It is not pretty hard to create those



made by me



Whatever, that Sniper poster doesn't look bad.

One thing I can't figure out how to do is fire - and I can't find a tut. anywhere, can you quickly educate me?

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Map Dustbowl, can be anywhere on there.


Time: Day


Want a pyro beating up a sniper scene.


Cheers  :)

Don't like how this looks but here ya go.

Cheated a little by using GIMP.


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I deepy regret making this

May I present to you...



Map: Gravelpit
Pose: Scout hanging feet off of building on point b
Cosmetics: Flapjack and graybanns

I'll start that now.

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Does anyone know SIMPLE ways to make good Sfms?

Theres a tool for gmod that's relatively easy Im pretty sure its called SMH or something along those lines.

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I wish I had learned how to do Gmod posters so I could give you advice, start using sfm you.

I kinda can't - please don't kill me - I'm a Mac user.

Most windows programs I can get to work on Mac using Wine, but I can't get SFM working.

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Not one criticism yet -  either my work is perfect or no-one cares   :mellow:


Still guys, ask whatever you want I'll do my best to give it to you.

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