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Ban from commenting on Specific item suggestions after being warned too much.


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After getting 5 warnings you get banned, simple, but only really a temporary solution, those who get banned will just go back to making the same bitchy comments later on Especially on keys where every stupid comment is drawn to it.

So a simple idea really, if you get too many warnings on a specific item, you can not comment on those item suggestions ever again.


For example.


Suggestion for mann co. supply crate key

"Stop raising the key price asshole!"


get warned for things like this say 5-8 times, you will receive this message.


"You're comments on the "Mann co. Supply crate key" suggestions have been given too many warnings, you may no longer comment on any current or future suggestions for this item"


If you believe in redemption of users then fine, add this as well


"You will be able to make an appeal on your ban in 2 months time."

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This seems like an interesting idea, but I worry that it would not be enough of a deterrent. If someone's behavior is consistently terrible enough that they have so many warnings, chances are it is not confined to a single type of item or suggestion.

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How about just a general warning cap?


8-10 warned comments in general get you a ban. And it says:


'You have been warned 8 or more times on price suggestions. You may not post on any suggestions for a month.'

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These are good ideas, but, as Cleverpun says, those users will spam other suggestions as well.

While your idea is great,Trollerai, I feel like DiamondHavoc's idea would be a better deterrent.

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