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This is probably the wrong place to ask, but I recently started making a simple website to see most TF2 item prices. After asking a few people, I was directed to the API Docs on backpack.tf so I can list the prices on my website. I generated an API key and went to the URL provided. But I'm very confused as to what to do from here. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks  :)

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You have the API key and you want to fetch prices so you go to appropriate API doc: http://backpack.tf/api/prices


There you can see the API URL: http://backpack.tf/api/IGetPrices/v4/

For example try: http://backpack.tf/api/IGetPrices/v4/?key=xxx where "xxx" is your API key. The response is in JSON so you need to decode/parse it. There are tools for this in every language.


There are also other parameters listed under "Input" on that page I linked earlier.

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