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Assistance with aspects of creating a TF2 cosmetic

Sgt. Paincakes

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First off, just to be clear, please don't assume that I know nothing about modelling, texturing etc.

I do actually have quite a bit of experience with 'dat stuff (I use blender just to be clear, and have done for 3 years or so).

Now, onto the actual question:


What must I do in order to create a cosmetic?


The modelling and texturing aspects are easy, but what do I do once I come to creating an armature for the cosmetic, exporting a.smd file from blender, where do I put the compiled model, textures etc (I find Crowbar to be one of the easiest compilers/decompilers), and is there anything else I should know when creating a cosmetic?

A little addition: I'm not even gonna ATTEMPT to make facial flexes any time soon;~;


Just wondering if anyone is able to assist, and I hope all readers can understand my question.

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I don't know any of the technical know-how other than the ability to launch Source Filmmaker, but one thing you must note about the cosmetic is that it should not significantly alter the silhouette of the character (presumably because of some in-game rendering concerns) such that it is unrecongisable / resembles another classes' silhouette.

I once saw a cosmetic suit for the pyro which dons some sort of fire-resistant lab coat plus some other cool additions to the pyro, and it got a 5-star rating plus annoying chain comments saying "Valv add plz" and all other stuff you'd expect on a nicely done workshop item. Sadly, it never got added, presumably on grounds that it makes the pyro's silhouette look like the medic's (the coat extended to the pyro's legs and jiggleboned when moving, exactly like the medic's)

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alrighty, thanks. By the way, I recommend learning SFM, it's loads of fun and not hard to use

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