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Need runescape 2007 gold

Ward - MvM Anyone?

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I'll pay tf2 items (keys, metal, hats, stranges etc) for a considerable amount of 07 gold. I don't mind going first if you have decent rep, but I need a lot of gp. Name the amount you'll give for a a certain item (like a key or metal). 


I'd put this in tf2 item trading, but... 'tf2' item trading .-.


Will also pay keys and metal or other shit for spells, but I need gp more.


Im sorry i dont know where this topic should go, I thought this would be a suitable place.


Pls dont ask for bj's or 1 key for 10 gp or something stupid like that. (Why bother saying this because somebody is obviously going to ask for 12 gp or somethin')

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ok no srs now pls


1st, how would this work? and second, which is runescape '07?


I give you key and then you go on rs and give me gp, or you give me gp and I give you key. 

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if you are serious (and I can get to my account) I don't see why not. I'm not sure what I even have anymore.

::D how much gp can you spare and what would you want in return?

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