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Need Artist for profile pic / other


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If anybody should have some sparetime and are good at SFM, then i would love if you could make me a picture.


i would like a pyro (blu preferred) on either barnblitz, gravel pit or mountain lap (doesn't have to be one of those). 


i would like it to be a not entirely close up, but like his torso + head (with a festive axtinguisher in his hand or him taunting (you decide which taunt)


his loadout : Ebenezer (painted noble hatter's violet) , whiskered gentleman and apparition's aspect

Text: if possible, i would love it to say

at top: Mr. Minion

Bottom : Hudda hudda huh!

Somewhere you feel like it would fit: :3


thx to anyone who will help me  :)



if more info needed, just ask :P

you can also use some of your own creativity and imagination to make it look better ^^

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just realised that the guy I sent you to says he is closed, you can go to XCrab instead, he is good

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