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[PSA]Stop the Spam!


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Its a bad thing...It makes it harder to vote and harder to judge a suggestion (and accept/reject it) 


TL;DR, It makes voters less accurate, moderating suggestions harder, turns off newer suggesters, wastes space...



Time to find out why...


The Issues: 

>Voters can't see the proof provided since its hidden underneath pages of spam (especially true on Currency Suggestions). 

>Mods have to go through each and every comment and make sure nothing important (Yay or nay) was brought up.. [Results in longer moderation time]

>Its a bit of a turn off for newer suggesters--How would you feel if 10~ people spammed your suggestion with nonsense/bs/inaccuracies? You would either assume they have experience and listen to them, be turned off by their attitudes (since most are spammers are dicks) 


What is Spam....

>Spam is any irrelevant comment that neither supports the suggesters or proves him wrong. 


Examples of Spam....

>"Free Rep" 

>"You Need proof" (There is NO reason this needs to be said more than once, anyone who agrees can just like the comment) 

>"You have_x_ Downvote..." (Everyone can clearly see how many he has, another comment that doesn't add any new information)

>"Downvote" (Saying that you're downvoting without a reason--its meaningless, and just makes others want to follow you)


P.S. Don't forget, SPREAD THE WORD!





If i missed anything, please do tell, and i'll happily add it back in...

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Yes and no...its actually a surprising number that visit both, and i expect the forums will become more populated now that its no longer on steamforums....


Also, this helps spread the word to those who use the forum who will spread it to those who dont.

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It's Panda Specifc Articulation. Means you speak only to the SAPs : Sexually Active Pandas, then you give them a PSA.



Well I thought it means Public Sex Addiction...

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Well I thought it means Public Sex Addiction...



According to my math teacher, it means Pantsless Seduction Algorithm.


EDIT: His words, not mine. Just saying.

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So, i see how it would be too hard/time consuming for mods to go through and delete spam comments....


BUT imo its worth the time for key/Ref suggestions.


#1, Irrelevant anti-key price bumping comments always get liked and pushed to the top, while comments which explain whats happening, and supporting the bump are always disliked and hidden... (Orange)

#2, Its damn near impossible to actually look through all the comments, so deleting/hiding the irrelevant ones, while forcing the valid ones to stay visible through out the process of the suggestion will make moderation a lot easier (i.e. go through comments 1 at a time rather than 200+) 

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