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Need SFM/Pixel art Work! Paying


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Hey guys, I would like a profile picture that would work for my steam profile picture and an sfm for my signature.
I am willing to pay if you need it.

for the pixel art steam profile picture I want a medic with the macho man, heers helmet and heat of winter
On red team.


Class - medic
Cosmetic 1 - heer helmet
Cosmetic 2 - heat of winter
Cosmetic 3 - macho man
active weapon - festive minigun or quick fix (which one is easy for you  :D)
Team - red
Map - Any, 
Time - Night but not so dark
Idea - I want you to focus on him, and just add some good detail please 
Anyways, Thanks so much
Please message me on steam when you are done  :D  :ph34r:

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I would love to do it! But im big noob whit sfm. Do you want still that i do it? If you dont like it you dont need to give me anything

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