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Break the conditioning!





I am Carrots, creator of The Conspiracy Corner, a little project I plan on updating from time to time that has the objective to spread TRUTH and make you, kind traders of scrapack.tf WOKE against the major and troublesome realities of the world(s) that surround you and I.


Not really, this is pretty much a project I started to have somewhere to share the content I have written trough the weeks, most of it poking fun (with a little hint of actual facting) at the extremism that orbits how the globe is being politcally lead, and it has the objective to entertain you folk, so down all the content that will be posted here with a smile on your face and a little drain hole in your mind.


Why am I doing this?

For fun.


That being said, let's get ready to awaken with Mr. Jones. (Quite loud, I warn you.)



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