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You drink soda? You probably do. I don't, but that's not convenient to the case.


The soft cold liquid that just flows down your throat popping all the way trough your esophagus and gracefully merges itself into your stomach acid, refreshing you and providing energy! Soda just seems like the perfect substitute to boring old water now, is it not? Well, it is being marketed as so for a reason.


No branding became as powerful as soda brandings, the flashy colours of their tin cans are so appealing to the eye, and their taste is made to make you happy, and keep you that way for as long as you live, yes, happiness can be bought CHEAP. And they like you that way! after all, while you're enjoying your nice can of artificial tastes you just stop thinking about how the world makes you grumpy, it's the little moments of "alright" that the mass keeps craving by pushing the soda industry further, raining money on them for their little bottles of gas, water and sugar.


Sugar, or worse, ADDED sugar, key component to the little drop of endorphin release on all those cans of justice, bringing to your pallate the sweet, sweet taste of being PUPPETEERED, to feel exactly how they want you to feel, along with that little kick that nasty processed sugar gives you when it hits your bloodstream, giving you energy, satisfaction and refreshment. Simple, convenient and troughly engineered in every aspect.


How the marketing for those little buggers go? Advertisements displaying the youth, happy families on holidays, SPORTS! (Allow me to say, no high performance athlete even touches soda.) and Santa Claus, portraying it like "It's just something you can't live without!", but hey,all publicity goes like that, so it's alright, it's up for the individual to see what's going on after all.


Cool drinks for cool kids, who wash away the troubles of the day trough high doses of refined sugar and added chemicals, well, it's the convenient way of living, you wouldn't want to overdose your mind on your problems, they are selling happiness trough little snack packs anyway, It's just confortable being controlled.


Remember folks, they control you by doing whatever's in their reach to make you an F3: FAT, FULL AND FRAIL


Stay woke and reconsider your game fuel.





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