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Black Nebula trade.tf


  • putin: aka putina, rat, cunt, empire oof yugoslavia is a scammer. he has scammed many people and these people have come to me and told me that he had been scammed.

    I have to admit I was pretty stupid, I Thought something good about him, and thought he was being legit, he said he would pay me back. he gave me 7 cosmetics on the spot, and said that there were more to come, promising a key and the snack attack. this was about right item over pay right? exactly.

    he said he couldn't trade for 2 months because he removed authenticator, then he promised me an unusual then a headtaker, I declined both because i had waited long enough to get my items and then he ended up removing me and blocking me.

    I reported him but still,dosn't matter. hes a dick aswell, he made up this whole bullshit about him not being able to do it because he had a rough childhood, dickhead. if you want to find him he commented before he blocked me.

    here is my steam:

    here is his (go report him):

    thanks for reading. if you want more info, add me!


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