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  1. So on my 4th game of Mann Up, I got a strange Australium Eyelander, and I want to go about selling it. I saw that it is worth a lot of money, so im terrified of getting scammed. Where can I go to (safely) sell it at a resonable price?
  2. My item Fortunate Son for the scout was unboxed (iirc) during the Gun Mettle Update in 2015. I noticed now that it says on it ( Loaner - Cannot be traded, marketed, crafted, or modified ). I am able to trade it and put it on the market and craft with it though. I am receiving an offer for it currently, even though I did not advertise it. I would like to know if this "status" will sell for a lot more than the normal value. Here is screenshots as proof, and the link to it in my inventory. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JustAnAverageToaster/inventory#440_2_4529259049
  3. after embarrassing myself for accidentally sending this on the wrong section ive came here to discuss what my rocket launcher price is. I've spent hours finding its price and the only thing similar to it is this https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Strange Festivized Specialized Killstreak Brain Candy Rocket Launcher (Factory New)
  4. I make a coomplette loadout and/ or collection for you, from design to final trade, based on whatever mood/ theme/ item/ whateva you want. Theme music will also be provided at random intervals throughout the process, and custom naming/ description is also included if so desired. Examples of my completed commisons: None yet! Be the first. Examples of my present (personal) loadouts/ collections: https://prnt.sc/voulpl https://prnt.sc/vousfn https://prnt.sc/voussr https://prnt.sc/vout4b https://prnt.sc/voutco https://prnt.sc/vp13jy https://prnt.sc/vp
  5. I make a coomplette loadout and/ or collection for you, from design to final trade, based on whatever mood/ theme/ item/ whateva you want. Theme music will also be provided at random intervals throughout the process, and custom naming/ description is also included if so desired. Examples of my completed commisons: None yet! Be the first. Examples of my present (personal) loadouts/ collections: https://prnt.sc/voulpl https://prnt.sc/vousfn https://prnt.sc/voussr https://prnt.sc/vout4b https://prnt.sc/voutco My #19/ #93/ #1993 Craft collection My Deadl
  6. If any of you could recommend someone who buys keys through paypal as I have not been able to register myself as a seller on marketplace. If anyone interested in buying keys sees this, please add me. p.s Only trusted buyers, I would go first in that case.
  7. What would be the ~price of a Prof KS Eyelander kit and what tier (Prof KS) would it be considered as (Flames + Hot Rod)? Killstreaker: Flames Sheen: Hot Rod Thanks
  8. Hey guys! I recently got 3 of the new war paints from this scream fortress and today they became tradable. I was unsure regarding prices and was curious what people would value them all at? All three are Gourdy Green FT - Hot FT - Cool BS - Isotope (The colour of the skin matches the effect so I'm not sure if that would increase the price or not) Thanks alot!
  9. What would be the ~price of a Strange Prof KS Huntsman and what tier (Prof KS) would it be considered as (Tornado + Team Shine)? Killstreaker: Tornado Sheen: Team Shine Thanks
  10. The Happiest Changeling

    Need a Price - Unusual War Paint

    Just unboxed this a few hours ago and I'd like a price for when I sell it. It's Field-Tested, what should I market it for? Thank you in advance!
  11. Hey, Folvaen/Neavlof here and I figured I would try advertise my commissions here as well. Generally, these are my prices. Detailed paintings on the right have detailed backgrounds/scenes included, while middle to left have no backgrounds or extremely simple ones. I draw everything by hand. No SFM/3D tracing/assistance. This stuff takes time to create, and is charged that way. Detailed paintings with no bg, or a bunch of emotes can be discussed. This price guide is not "per character" but it serves as a starting price for one. Multiple characters will come with addi
  12. AliveAberdeen


    (here's a higher quality of the image since I backpack.tf doesn't like bigger files) I'm not sure if here is the right forum to post about commission work, but everyone else seems to be posting theirs here, so I dunno lol
  13. I am doing minimalist tf2 art pay what you want add me on discord to commission DISCORD: PurePhoenix#9850 https://steamcommunity.com/id/PurePhoenix/ examples: (if you want a specific pose or sfm poster/profile picture dm it to me on discord or steam)
  14. look im starting to get desperate the lowest I could sell it bout 4.80 keys please guys
  15. Derkeethus12

    Unusual skin valuing?

    I have an Isotope field tested spectral shimmer rocket launcher, what is my best avenue for getting an accurate value estimate on it? There is no pricing history on it here or on steam that i could find.
  16. Hey ! i'd like to ask what you guys think my art would be priced at if i were to do commissions ? please give a honest and reasonable answer. thats all :)
  17. Just wondering as bp.tf price is outdated whats the going rate for a clean burning flames officers ushanka? Looking to sell for pure but just wanted to get an idea of how much I should ask. Thanks in advanced
  18. Hello i am newish to unusual weapons but i have no idea how much these go for any ideas?
  19. Is it recommended to turn ref into keys right now? will the inflation still grow in keys that it would be more expensive in the future? Please let me know.
  20. I apologize for the price checking post, but I happened to get my hands on this Genuine Professional killstreak Original with the Exorcism and Pumpkin Bomb spell (Flames, Team shine) recently. Since I only got back into the trading scene recently, I have no clue how spelled items are priced. Anyone got an idea of a realistic price/ballpark I could sell it for? Thanks so much
  21. I have been looking for a gaming laptop for some time and can’t choose does anyone have some suggestions? My budget is $2000. While searching online, I found this guide: http://bestlaptopguru.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-2000/ but still confused. Please help!
  22. FishBoy

    Accepting Commissions

    Hi there, I'm starting to make my SFM creations public and will now accept commissions. Prices start from $1 or 25 Refined. All the info is on my steam profile. Feel free to ask and add for commissions https://steamcommunity.com/id/shinthecat
  23. P A R D N E R [⇄]

    Making SFM Posters and Gifs!

    Making SFM Posters + Gifs Add Me On Steam and Shoot Me Some Details (Map, Location, Characters, Poses, Cosmetics, etc.) https://steamcommunity.com/id/frenchiest_spy Pricing: Still Image: 15 Ref + 5 Ref Per Killstreak/Warpaint/Unusual GIF's: 30 Ref Video (Such As YouTube Intro/Outro): 1 Key (Overpay with items excepted at 90% Item Value) Examples: All Images will be exported in 4K...
  24. Just recently got an Atomizer with the Exorcism spell on it and could use some help from experienced traders to find a price on it. If anybody knows how to price it, please help in the comments.
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