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Found 92 results

  1. Hi there, Price check on an Unusual Dragonborn with Flaming Lanterns?Have been out of the trading scene for years (when I was trading, Keys were worth 2.33 Ref- that should give you an idea of how out of it I am). Also interested in price check on a clean craftable & tradeable 2011 Spine Chilling Skull. Thanks!
  2. sfl_

    Price suggestion

    Good evening. So, as the title says, i'm looking for a price suggestion for my Strange black summer shades w/ Spectral Spectrum on it Any suggestion are welcome.
  3. I need help pricing my unusual sticky launcher. I'm aware that a pro killstreak sticky launcher is at least 15 keys, not sure how much that affects mine. Any idea how much this is worth? I bought it years ago from the unboxer, I don't even remember how much it paid for it. https://backpack.tf/item/7947603405
  4. Rosie O'Adolf

    Price Check on this?

    Unboxed a while ago just never got around to seeing what its worth
  5. I have been looking for a gaming laptop for some time and can’t choose does anyone have some suggestions? My budget is $2000. While searching online, I found this guide: http://bestlaptopguru.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-2000/ but still confused. Please help!
  6. Hello There, (I would much rather you add me instead of replying here) Info You pay first I can show a watermarked version before you pay I send you the art through a private Imgur link Add me to Commission SFM Posters are 1920x1080 illustrations are 2000x2000 Whole Body is 2000x3000 (normally) Logo / Mascot are 2000x2000 Animations are suit to fit your Profile Contact Steam Profile Steam Group Portfolio Price Guide SFM Posters [20 Refined] TF2 | Head Only [1 Key] TF2 | Head & Shoulders [1.5 Keys] TF2 | Whole Body [2 Keys] Logo / Mascot [3 Keys] Steam Artwork Animation [4 Keys] Whole Profile Design [10 Keys] Trustability List of Safe Designers [Guide] Best Profile's Trust Test [Group] Examples ^ Sfm Poster ^ ^ TF2 | Head Only ^ ^ TF2 | Head & Shoulders ^ ^ TF2 | Whole Body ^ ^ Logo / Mascot ^
  7. CLICK HERE • Comment on my profile and send a friend request to discuss. • Or contact me on Discord at Gorrah™#4952
  8. Hello there, after a long time of searching, I´ve finally found me the pieces that I needed to build a ultimate scattergun. But now I´m not sure if I want to use those pieces because they are very rare and maybe someone else wants them even more. If you think I should build it, tell me some good strange parts that may be better than: medics killed, dominations, damage dealt. Thanks ^^
  9. Hello, Osob here (you remember me, I tried to find out the cost for Unusual Lucky Cat Hat, but for some reason no one answered) So today I want to learn from highly respected traders (who make 2 keys per day 😎) how much costs is my shit: Unusual Starboard Crusader Please don't be angry and respect the hip-hop culture. Peace.
  10. Hey. A friend gave me his spec ks [team shine] dragon's slayer grenade launcher factory new, and i'm trying to sell it, but i don't know what a fair price would be. Can somebody help me?
  11. rockeyroad1415

    ЯR Bots - An Easy Trade Bot

    Hello there! I would like to introduce to you all ЯR Bots! After a year or so in continuous development, I am happy to release to you all a TF2 Trade Bot. I have privately used this bot for a year and fixed many issues whilst adding many features which I think may be useful to the owner of the bots. Features of ЯR Bot: - Ability to post listings on Backpack.tf (both buy and sell) - FREE Automatic Price updates! - Yes! This is free, unlike other bot services which require payment for auto pricing. If you want you can continuously request the bot to reprice its items! - Custom Owner Controls. - Send invitations to users to join a unique group. - Extensive Monitoring Tools - through the use of Discord live trade photos are sent, whilst through Steam, the owner gets detailed trade receipts including the information about the other user who just traded your bot. - SteamRep Scammer check - Display statistics of your bot, regarding trades, accepted and declined. - And so much more! See ЯR Bots in action: Currently have two ЯR Bots which have been used for trading and testing: SpeedyBot: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198154777866 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198154777866 HappyBot: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198177957865 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177957865 Their live trades can be seen in the discord group - current bot trades section (https://discord.gg/M9ftkpY) About me: - Available mostly all the times, able to help with any issues or questions. - A dedicated worker, striving to improve ЯR Bot in any way. Always happy to take suggestions to add more features requested by bot owners! - Have 5 years on Steam. - Currently, have more than 500 keys pure in my backpack and my backpack worth upwards of $2500 - 8 +rep's on backpack.tf, mostly based on brokering high-value items for others, refunding items and as well as fixing issues with the bots - Clean on SteamRep - Have played and I still am playing in many leagues in competitive TF2 including OzFortress and UGC League How to get ЯR Bot: You will have to contact me! Information below. This bot will be available to anyone and will be distributed in a similar fashion to how Bot.tf works, but a bit different. The only difference is, you provide the steam account you wish to be your trade bot OR you can choose to use one of my steam accounts. After that, you will be in the driving seat! Your ЯR Bot will be hosted on a VPS provided by me (just like Bot.tf). Meaning it will be running 24/7! More trades done!! Pricing: Will be a subscription based. Contact me for further information. I can assure you that it will be the best pricing currently offered. Lets talk: Have any question or query whether it be big or small don't hesitate! I am always ready to help. Contact me here: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rockeyroad1415/ Discord: rockeyroad#9399 My Discord Group where you can see ЯR Bots in action: https://discord.gg/M9ftkpY Chat Soon! Rockey
  12. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Lucky Cat Hat/Tradable/Craftable/121 1of1 Your suggestions? Upd: jokers and other clowns are not welcome
  13. ancymonkowa

    wts Owners

    Owners of backpack.tf can you give me back my trophy belt and The Chronomant i get this 2 hats to sell on backpack.tf but when i remorve it from selling i don't get it back give me it back pls
  14. I Have A Smissmas 2018 Scorching Flames Snowcapped Which I Bought It Instant It Got Tradable. But Now I'm Looking To Sell It. What Should I Price I At? Any Help Is Appreciated ^^ Item: https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Snowcapped/Tradable/Craftable/14
  15. Hello everyone! Im making pretty nice pictures, add me here.(my steam profile) My picture prices depends on these factors: (max 1 key per picture) -Realistic lightning effects (sunshine etc.) -Quality of the picture (how good it looks) -Custom hats and cosmetics -Rest is left to your imagination! Here are some examples: (i will remove watermarks after payment :)) And Here is my Masterpiece! (site wont accept full size so it looks kinda crappy)
  16. QuagmireTheGreat

    Aero Mage Pro Wheels

    Looking to sell RLCS exclusive wheels in Rocket League. I have a code for the Aero Mage Pro wheels that I got in Las Vegas at the Grand Finals. I currently have amazing rep on my backpack.tf profile, so you will have to go first. My rep: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198129241486 I am taking offers around $125.00. Please add me to discuss the offer. My Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/QuagmireTheGreat/ Thanks!
  17. Chara ☕( ͡ > ͜ʖ ͡ >) ☞

    Halloween 2018 unusuals price check

    Towards the start of scream fortress x i unboxed a strange ring of fire murders motif, and thanks to 2 unusualfiers i unboxed, a roaring rockets skating scorcher, and a flammable bubbles shred alert. don't know if i would ever sell them but still want a rough idea of how valuable they are. Any ideas on rough price?
  18. The Duke of Sp00k

    Unusual Defragmenting Hard Hat 17%

    Hey, so I unboxed this a couple of nights ago, and I was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of what this would cost. I like the hat, and the effect looks decent to me, but I don't want to get scammed or set too high of a price. Thanks! Update: Sold it for a harvest moon hot rod, an ooze danger, and an infernal flames rancho relaxo
  19. It doesn't have a confirmed price. It's a heavy hat but has a great effect. I'm currently thinking about 35-45 keys but I'm not sure. What should I do?
  20. This is my recent digital art, add me so we can discuss and if you dont like the picture I will gladly give you back your key (Prices: Key or Item overpay) Have a nice day
  21. Goldeneyes

    Pricing Spelled Items

    I have a few Spelled items, shown on this outpost link. What prices should I give them? None are double spelled, but I'm not sure what to price them at!
  22. hey guys i really need help getting my unusual back. i got hacked and the guy traded my unusual to https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198442533197/ this man hacks accounts from alt accounts if you can help me get my unusual back from him that be great
  23. kl1p

    Taking Commissions

    Hello there fellow creatures Decided I'm gonna post my own form. Contact Steam Discord - kl1p#6194 Format (1 Key and may cost more depending on the complexity) Anything left blank is up to my imagination. Map / Location Class / Team Weapons / Cosmetics Pose Effects Other (Optional) Style (Optional) Or Anything else (Including other SFM workshop models, GIFS, etc.) Customized Simple Animation (5-10 Keys depending on the complexity) Drawn Profile Picture (3-6 Keys depending on the complexity) Check out all of my works here Here are a few examples:
  24. Salvage

    Free SFM posters!

    Wanna get back into SFM, soooo free posters! Previous examples: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=569042196 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=701659002 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=568450390 The more effort you put into your request the more effort I will put into the poster! While the posters are free donations would still be very much appreciated and donating will make me put extra effort in your poster and will allow you to cut in line: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=147356487&token=1lf9xYHS :3
  25. I've got a bunch of trading cards I'm looking to sell, wondering what people are paying these days. If you know anyone and want to put their profile down that would be great.
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