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Found 79 results

  1. FishBoy

    Accepting Commissions

    Hi there, I'm starting to make my SFM creations public and will now accept commissions. Prices start from $1 or 25 Refined. All the info is on my steam profile. Feel free to ask and add for commissions https://steamcommunity.com/id/shinthecat
  2. P A R D N E R [⇄]

    Making SFM Posters and Gifs!

    Making SFM Posters + Gifs Add Me On Steam and Shoot Me Some Details (Map, Location, Characters, Poses, Cosmetics, etc.) https://steamcommunity.com/id/frenchiest_spy Pricing: Still Image: 15 Ref + 5 Ref Per Killstreak/Warpaint/Unusual GIF's: 30 Ref Video (Such As YouTube Intro/Outro): 1 Key (Overpay with items excepted at 90% Item Value) Examples: All Images will be exported in 4K...
  3. Just recently got an Atomizer with the Exorcism spell on it and could use some help from experienced traders to find a price on it. If anybody knows how to price it, please help in the comments.
  4. I got a Field Tested, Isotope, Smissmas Camo war paint. It's field tested, but assassin grade. Any ideas for price suggestions? I don't have much experience with war paints so I don't know.
  5. SteveArthur


    so that's how i got scammed, someone told me he wanna buy my summer hat and other stuff and he have a lot to offer . He told me he wanna check if it's fake or not, so he got me to marketplace.tf to verify my items and after that i send them to marketplace bot and after that the bot was for this guy and took all my items please report
  6. So I've got a Voodoo Juju back from like the earlier 2010's that's still gift wrapped but is untradable unless given in just wrap form. Want to say it's 1:1 on the market or something but unsure where to even begin other than just taking reasonable offers just due to it's rarity and history. https://backpack.tf/item/2515725919 - says it's untradable on bp.tf, but it's in gift wrap and says "tradable" through my steam inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hypertoe/inventory/ Thanks in advance boys.
  7. So like I got my hands on this unusual and the effect is pretty godlike but there isn't really a pricing for this in backpack.tf, so I really need any suggestions to sell this in range of it's effect and rarity in all.
  8. Would love to know what these are worth i honestly am awfull with prices
  9. Amazingly unboxed 2 unusuals yesterday. Sparkling Lights Brain-Warming Wear Pyroland Daydream Hungover Hero (this one is insane...) What are people's opinions on what these could be worth? Vid where we unboxed them:
  10. Freak4ever2000™

    Twisted Radiance Balloonihoodie

    Gaben has blessed me, and i have finally achieved inner peace with my unboxing addiction (lol) #big flex https://imgur.com/a/0EkEA3r If you want some reactions, have this: So yeah, open to offers starting from now. Preferably keys and items that i can sell easily. Not into any crappy outdated first gen unusuals. Not gonna swap such a beauty for trash.
  11. How much would this go for ?
  12. The Duke of Sp00k

    PC Ethereal Essence Bat Hat

    Hey guys, I just unboxed this from my last unboxing spree and wanted to see if I could get some offers or suggestions on what to price it. Thanks!
  13. Looking for an offer on this hat until it gets Tradeable! (Unusual Skullbrero with effect Wicked Wood) Add me for discussion! Thanks Guys! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sgt_DiggerDan/
  14. So I bought this chicken kiev on marketplace.tf for around 13 keys sometime during the summer of 2019 because I know once halloween comes around I will be able to sell it for a profit. I traded it to my f2p alt recently but now that halloween is getting closer I decided to trade my kiev back even though there is the 15 day trade hold. When exactly should I sell my kiev?
  15. Hello i got a Green Energy Respectless Rubber Glove Its priced at 25 keys(2 year old price ) But the robo is 60 keys I got offers of 35+ But I just dont know what to do fully
  16. Hi there, Price check on an Unusual Dragonborn with Flaming Lanterns?Have been out of the trading scene for years (when I was trading, Keys were worth 2.33 Ref- that should give you an idea of how out of it I am). Also interested in price check on a clean craftable & tradeable 2011 Spine Chilling Skull. Thanks!
  17. sfl_

    Price suggestion

    Good evening. So, as the title says, i'm looking for a price suggestion for my Strange black summer shades w/ Spectral Spectrum on it Any suggestion are welcome.
  18. I need help pricing my unusual sticky launcher. I'm aware that a pro killstreak sticky launcher is at least 15 keys, not sure how much that affects mine. Any idea how much this is worth? I bought it years ago from the unboxer, I don't even remember how much it paid for it. https://backpack.tf/item/7947603405
  19. Rosie O'Adolf

    Price Check on this?

    Unboxed a while ago just never got around to seeing what its worth
  20. I have been looking for a gaming laptop for some time and can’t choose does anyone have some suggestions? My budget is $2000. While searching online, I found this guide: http://bestlaptopguru.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-2000/ but still confused. Please help!
  21. Hello There, (I would much rather you add me instead of replying here) Info You pay first I can show a watermarked version before you pay I send you the art through a private Imgur link Add me to Commission SFM Posters are 1920x1080 illustrations are 2000x2000 Whole Body is 2000x3000 (normally) Logo / Mascot are 2000x2000 Animations are suit to fit your Profile Contact Steam Profile Steam Group Portfolio Price Guide SFM Posters [20 Refined] TF2 | Head Only [1 Key] TF2 | Head & Shoulders [1.5 Keys] TF2 | Whole Body [2 Keys] Logo / Mascot [3 Keys] Steam Artwork Animation [4 Keys] Whole Profile Design [10 Keys] Trustability List of Safe Designers [Guide] Best Profile's Trust Test [Group] Examples ^ Sfm Poster ^ ^ TF2 | Head Only ^ ^ TF2 | Head & Shoulders ^ ^ TF2 | Whole Body ^ ^ Logo / Mascot ^
  22. CLICK HERE • Comment on my profile and send a friend request to discuss. • Or contact me on Discord at Gorrah™#4952
  23. QuagmireTheGreat

    Aero Mage Pro Wheels

    Looking to sell RLCS exclusive wheels in Rocket League. I have a code for the Aero Mage Pro wheels that I got in Las Vegas at the Grand Finals. I currently have amazing rep on my backpack.tf profile, so you will have to go first. My rep: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198129241486 I am taking offers around $125.00. Please add me to discuss the offer. My Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/QuagmireTheGreat/ Thanks!
  24. Hello there, after a long time of searching, I´ve finally found me the pieces that I needed to build a ultimate scattergun. But now I´m not sure if I want to use those pieces because they are very rare and maybe someone else wants them even more. If you think I should build it, tell me some good strange parts that may be better than: medics killed, dominations, damage dealt. Thanks ^^
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