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Freedom from ... hair ?



Monday I went to the doc to take some medicines for a small flu I got, and of course I took the chance to skip University the next day, you know, to revisit the kid inside that would fake a sickness to miss school.


Tuesday morning when I stared in the mirror, something didn't look right, my hair was a mess, my beard was scary and I was looking like a homeless drug addict. When I was trimming my beard I decided to go all the way, and suddenly my fabulous long hair was gone, trimmed, destroyed and I was feeling happy, then sad, then indifferent because this wasn't the first time that I decide to kill my hair .. now I feel free and motivated more than the guy who stared at the mirror in the morning.


Sometimes we have to just change something to prevent life from being dull, colourless, boring. Whether it is killing your hair, getting away from social media, getting isolated and listening to music while staring at the sky doing absolutely nothing. Things that we like doing might be our biggest enemy, change is fun and adds a new dimension to a dull life.


P.s please don't tell Mom that I killed my hair, because I will be next.

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