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Such is the nature of the world




Ever from shapeless molds we cleave

All of our grandest deceptions

Frantically we search for much needed reprieve

Ironically necessitated by their inceptions

In them we our darkest secrets hide

In an effort to maintain our pride

Effortlessly given and not left contrite

Flightless birds given new height

Dishonestly contrived,

In politics thrived,

An intricate trap laid for the listener

Is often the penance of the sinner

This is the nature of a dishonest world

Such that Atlas his weight hurled.

Senseless acts of violence and hatred fraught

The ageless perpetrators confident and haught

War waged for race and color,

Face and pallor,

Machiavellian ideals need not apply,

In coordinated destruction its leader lie

A mass extinction wrought, a murderous great flood

An infernal infantry, weapons lacquered in blood

Victims, in the absence of crime penitent

A conquered city without a living tenant

Orders from hell carried out verbatim

"Leave not a living victim."

This is the nature of a hateful world

Such that Atlas his weight hurled.

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