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full list of hats/miscs tagged as "random craft hats" as of 19-07-14




Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap

Chief Constable

Breather Bag

Dead Cone

Steel Shako

Blind Justice

Moonman Backpack

Clan Pride

Hanger-On Hood

Couvre Corner

Handyman's Handle

Portable Smissmas Spirit Dispenser

Halogen Head Lamp

Magnificent Mongolian

Pounding Father

Powdered Practitioner

Ye Oiled Baker Boy

Scrap Sack

Praire Heel Biters

Prancer's Pride

Fortune Hunter

Scrumpy Strongbox

Smissmas Wreath

Prize Plushy

Professional Panama

Professor's Peculiarity

Cadaver's Cranium

Prussian Pickelhaube

Metal Slug

Pure Tin Capotain


Dread Knot

Pyro's Boron Beanie

Pyrobotics Pack

Nobel Nickel Amassment of Hats

Atomic Accolade

Cold War Luchador

Football Helmet


HDMI Patch

Athletic Supporter

Snapped Pupil

Manniversary Paper Hat

Awesomenauts Badge

Whale Bone Charm

Letch's LED

Wet Works

Flight of the Monarch

Rat Stompers

Steel Songbird

Waxy Wayfinder

Tribal Bones

Grenadier Helm

Faerie Solitaire Pin

Dr. Grordbort's Crest


Vigilant Pin

War Head

Electric Escorter

Captain's Cocktails

Bonk Leadwear

Shooter's Tin Topi


Tomb Wrapper

Teddy Robobelt


Firewall Helmet

Soldered Sensei

Trash Man

Cross-Comm Crash Helmet

Bacteria Blocker

Merc Medal

Titanium Tyrolean

Crosslinker's Coil


Robot Running Man

Otolaryngologist's Mirror

Titanium Towel

Tippler's Tricorne


Russian Rocketeer

Stately Steel Toe

Bolted Bicorne

Bolted Birdcage

Copper's Hard Top

Bolted Bombardier

Bolted Bushman

Person in the Iron Mask

Cyborg Stunt Helmet

Bombing Run

Texas Tin-Gallon

Horrific Headsplitter

Base Metal Billycock

Geisha Boy

Vox Diablous

Void Monk Hair


Burning Bandana


Brock's Locks

Brain Bucket

Steam Pipe

Hitt Mann Badge

Towering Titanium Pillar of Hats

Platinum Pickelhaube

Hetman's Headpiece

Heroic Companion Badge

Data Mining Light

Mask of the Shaman

Pocket Medic

Full Metal Drill Hat

Plumber's Pipe

Heavy's Hockey Hair

Plug-In Prospector

Mark of the Saint

Genuine Steel Songbird

Genuine K-9 Mane

Genuine Bolgan Family Crest

Genuine Russian Rocketeer

Genuine Human Cannonball

Genuine Person in the Iron Mask

Genuine Geisha Boy

Genuine Vox Diablous

Genuine Pilotka

Genuine Brain Bucket

Genuine Hitt Mann Badge

Genuine Croft's Crest

Genuine Hetman's Headpiece

Genuine Heroic Companion Badge

Genuine Mask of the Shaman

Genuine Stahlhelm

Genuine War Head

Genuine Vigilant Pin

Genuine Janissary Ketche

Genuine Company Man

Genuine Faerie Solitaire Pin

Genuine Stovepipe Sniper Shako

Genuine Tomb Wrapper

Genuine Baronial Badge

Genuine Crosslinker's Coil

Genuine Last Straw

Genuine Whale Bone Charm

Genuine Awesomenauts Badge

Genuine Atomic Accolade

Genuine Dread Knot

Genuine Doe-Boy

Genuine Wilson Weave

Genuine Fortune Hunter

Genuine Sydney Straw Boat

Genuine Pounding Father

Genuine Blind Justice

Genuine Foppish Physician

Genuine Dead Cone

Genuine Chief Constable

Genuine Gilded Guard

Genuine Robot Chicken Hat

Genuine Distinguished Rogue


Hats/miscs valued at ~1.33-1.66 (or recently updated to ~1.66-2, based on hype) that are NOT considered craft hats

Respectless Robo-Glove


Das Ubersternmann

Rusty Reaper

Half-Pipe Hurdler

Practitioner's Processing Mask

Das Gutenkutteharen

Das Metalmeatencasen

Shooter's Sola Topi

Kiss King

Robot Chicken Hat

Brown Bomber


Bushman's Boonie

Cheet Sheet

Tyrant's Helm

Mustachoied Mann

Sober Stuntman

Tiny Timber


Détective Noir


Business Casual

Rogue's Col Roule

Vintage Merryweather

Unknown Monkeynaut

Doc's Holiday

Brainiac Goggles

Googol Glass Eyes


Brim-Full of Bullets



Bubble Pipe

Big Country

Big Chief

Berliner's Bucket Helm

Belgian Detective

Familiar Fez

Smock Surgeon

Grimm Hatte

Towering Pillar of Hats

Cremator's Conscience

Crafty Hair

Buccaneer's Bicorne

Desert Marauder

Pyrotechnic Tote

Slick Cut

Beep Boy

Stereoscopic Shades

Fed-Fightin' Fedora

Federal Casemaker

Eliminator's Safeguard

Toy Soldier

Private Eye

Prince Tavish's Crown

Beastly Bonnet

Bot Dogger

Der Wintermantel


Employee of the Mmmph

Dr.'s Dapper Topper

Hat With No Name

Polar Pullover

Hat of Cards

A Rather Festive Tree

Bear Necessities

Vintage Tyrolean

Hazmat Headcase

Counterfeit Billycock

Toy Tailor

Virtual Reality Headset

Pocket Purrer

Heavy Duty Rag

Tin Pot


Virus Doctor

Highland High Heels

Planeswalker Goggles

Soviet Gentleman


Cosa Nostra Cap

Honcho's Headgear

Baseball Bill's Sports Shine

Stout Shako

Toss-Proof Towel

Hot Dogger

Stylish DeGroot


Hottie's Hoodie

Hound Dog

Pencil Pusher

Hunger Force

Peacenik's Ponytail

Minnesota Slick

Pampered Pyro


Camera Beard

Hustler's Hallmark

Bootleg Base Metal Billycock

Das Feelinbeterbager

Idea Tube



Tough Guy's Toque

Infernal Impaler

Flamboyant Flamenco

Itsy Bitsy Spyer

One-Man Army

Old Guadalajara

Ol' Snaggletooth

Ol' Geezer

Teddy Roosebelt

Connoisseur's Cap

Jumper's Jeepcap

Sole Mate


Killer's Kabuto

Capo's Capper

Nose Candy

Tavish DeGroot Experience


Triboniophorus Tyrannus

Das Fantzipantzen

Koala Compact

War Pig

Flipped Trilby

Master's Yellow Belt

L'homme Burglerre

Modest Pile of Hat

Large Luchadore

Defiant Spartan

Larrikin Robin


Air Raider

Weather Master

Security Shades

Dark Falkirk Helm

Western Wear

Li'l Snaggletooth

Scrap Pack

Frenchman's Formals


Liquidator's Lid

Whirly Warrior

Liquor Locker

Little Bear

Dr. Whoa

Front Runner

Lone Star

Cold Killer

Bunsen Brave

Armored Authority

Area 451

Dragonborn Helmet

Coffin Kit

Exquisite Rack

Chieftain's Challenge

Fruit Shoot

Sangu Sleeves

Surgeon's Stahlhelm

Tough Stuff Muffs

Swagman's Swatter

Whoopee Cap


Caribbean Conqueror

Tam O' Shanter

Wraith Wrap


Sandvich Safe

Tartan Spartan

Mair Mask

Gaelic Garb

Gaiter Guards

Ze Goggles

Texas Slim's Dome Shine

Pardner's Pompadour

Professor's Pineapple

Gilded Guard

Pocket Pyro


Dead Little Buddy

Buckaroos Hat

Dual-Core Devil Doll

German Gonzilla

Scotsman's Stove Pipe

Frenchman's Beret

Aladdin's Private Reserve

Medic's Mountain Cap

Coupe D'isaster

Scout Shako

Modest Metal Pile of Scrap

Hard Counter

Tartan Tyrolean

Napoleon Complex

Dry Gulch Gulp

Magistrate's Mullet

Ye Olde Baker Boy

Broadband Bonnet

Bullet Buzz


Sydney Straw Boat

Neckwear Headwear

Wilson Weave

Engineer's Cap

Lucky Shot

Bloke's Bucket Hat

Cloud Crasher

Pugilist's Protector

Noble Amassment of Hats

Builder's Blueprints

Special Eyes

Teutonic Toque

Little Buddy

Timeless Topper

Medic Mech-bag

Mann of Reason

Bonk Helm

Well-Rounded Rifleman

Last Straw

Rebel Rouser

Gridiron Guardian

Grenadier's Softcap

Stealth Steeler

Spooky Shoes

Company Man

Backbiter's Billycock

Pirate Bandana


Valley Forge

Spooky Sleeves

Trencher's Topper

Crocodile Smile

Croft's Crest

Googly Gazer


Jingle Belt

Rimmed Raincatcher

Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative

Das Maddendoktor


Bolgan Family Crest

Stocking Stuffer

Infernal Orchestrina


Runner's Warm-Up

Sultan's Ceremonial

Das Naggenvatcher

Salty Dog



Glengarry Bonnet

Human Cannonball

Tyrantium Helmet

A Whiff of the Old Brimstone

Bootie Time

Gentleman's Ushanka

Photo Badge

Gentleman's Gatsby

Tungsten Toque

Burning Bongos

Strontium Stove Pipe

Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return)

Battery Bandolier

Hive Minder

Gaelic Golf Bag

Planeswalker Helm

Gabe Glasses

Heavy-Weight Champ

Furious Fukaamigasa

Helmet Without a Home

Bone Dome

Crocleather Slouch

Stainless Pot

Madame Dixie

Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet

Spectre's Spectacles

Gym Rat

Surgeon's Side Satchel

Sign of the Wolf's School

Big Elfin Deal


Baron von Havenaplane

Cotton Head

Megapixel Beard

Sergeant's Drill Hat


Rogue's Brogues

Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun

Respectless Rubber Glove

Janissary Ketche

Stormin' Norman

Pom-Pommed Provocateur


War Goggles

Battle Bob

Flared Frontiersman


Carouser's Capotain



Doctor's Sack

Dough Puncher

Stovepipe Sniper Shako

Ninja Cowl

Soldier's Sparkplug

Soldier's Slope Scopers

Whiskered Gentleman

Officer's Ushanka

Ellis' Cap

Baronial Badge

Surgeon's Stethoscope

Vintage Camera Beard

Genuine Big Daddy

Genuine First American

Genuine Sign of the Wolf's School

Genuine Beastly Bonnet

Genuine Heavy Artillery Officer's Cap

Genuine Cheet Sheet

Genuine Merc Medal

Genuine Menpo



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