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A few improvements for suggestions.


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This is just my opinion, but there should be some new options when you make a suggestion. Something similar to the small bar on the right side when you open a new topic in the forums - http://puu.sh/2y0kr


I'll just make list with my points.


1. There should be an option to allow likes and dislikes on comments. A good example for this are keysuggestions: Comments with logical reasoning get downvoted and hidden; comments like "fuck you. you own xxx key your doing this for your own benefit, downvote" get upvoted. I think that I can say that I'm not the only person which is getting mad when you see something like this, so the suggester should be able to decide if he allows votes on comments.


2. This one may not be good: The suggester should be able to hide useless and/or rude comments. If he is abusing the option he can be reported through a direct link which is pinned to the hidden comment. Example: http://puu.sh/2y1aC


3. Optional option regarding to my first point. The suggester can decide, when the votes on comments are turned on, if comments get hidden at XX downvotes or will stay there unless somebody hides them. The suggester makes the number.


4. A report button pinned to every comment. If the comment contains rudeness and/or insults it can be reported. False reports on objective comments can be handeled with warnings or bans, the mods and admins must decide this about point.


5. An option to show all hidden comments at once, some people do not want to click "Show hidden comment" all the time.


Well, my list of improvements. Discuss them, give me tips, tell me what could be better.



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1. I disagree.  Don't blame the system because some people abuse it.


2. Would result in more abuse than good, causing more work for mods.


4. brought up here, brad didn't see it as necessary, though I would still like to see it


5. here's a script that does this.  it'd be nice to have in the options though


Despite my criticism, they aren't bad ideas.  I'm just hesitant to give these abilities to suggesters considering people can't even use the like/dislike system responsibly.

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