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Unusual Price for 1 of 1 that won't be sold?


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Hi, I recently just bought a 1 of 1 Aces High Teutonic Toque off of someone. I know I don't want to sell the hat anytime soon, and there was only 1 confirmed sale of the hat, which was me buying it. All other sales can't be matched to anything except a trade of it for a Disco Beat Down Mann of Reason, which is unpriced. Will this prevent there from being a price until another one is unboxed since there is only 1 usable sale (at least until the Mann of Reason is priced) and new unusuals need 2 sales?

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You can price it.

Only with 2 sales tho.

But if you wanna keep it i dont see a reason you want it priced.

If you still want it priced, suggest Mann of Readon first & then your hat. 

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