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Kevin the Chicken God

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I pre-ordered Titanfall for the 360 and started playing today

That game is so amazing idonteven

Anyone else who might've gotten titanfall earlier than me or just got it have any opinions? I only playing ~30 mins, I wanna know what you think of the game and what complaints you might have

inb4 this thread gets the CoD hate huehuehuehu

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I haven't played titanfall

so I guess its about titans falling

-Inset AoT Joke Here-, same for me, haven't play'd, but graphics look amazing, friend got it and he says it's superubercalifragilistically epic.

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played Titanfall on PC quite a bit

got it on 360

everyone sucks

shrek people very hard

started at 1pm

now level 35 at 9 pm

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Never played it, id like to try it though, but not on steam so no cheap way of getting it, so therefore wont be paying 60$

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